Welcome to Nucleus Reflection Tool

This is the NUCLEUS Web Tool that will facilitate the evaluation and implementation cycle of the Emdedded Nuclei, through 3 steps:

1. Self-Assessment questionnaire. Institutions can select specific elements that correspond to the fields on which they are active. They need to fill in in detail what is the status of their institution regarding the element selected and in relation to the existing RRI landscape - both internal and external. The next step is unlocked only after successfully submitting the Self-Assessment.

2. Action Plan. This is linked to the first step; the elements selected for the Self-Assessment questionnaire will be directly introduced to the Action Plan. Institutions can additionally select more elements in case they plan to address them. Relevant interventions are proposed according to the elements selected and institutions are asked to fill detailed information about how they plan to integrate them, the engaged cells etc. The Action Plan will serve as a strategic planning document for each institution’s implementation phase.

3. The Self-Reflection questionnaire. After the implementation period of their Action Plans, institutions will be asked to fill in the Self-Reflection questionnaire, reflecting on the implementation of the proposed interventions.

The basis of the tool is the NUCLEUS Framework which has been revised according to the feedback gathered from all partner institutions after the 1st Implementation period.

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